Certificates showing calculated u-values

About our u value Certificates

On submission of your window and door information, we will calculate the accurate U Value using the details you supplied.

The calculation conforms to part 1 of BS EN 10077.

We will issue you (By E Mail) a PDF format certificate, bearing a unique serial number, which should be sufficient proof as to the U Value qualities of your items.

Our certificates have already been accepted by council planning departments. However we cannot guarantee that it will be accepted by every such department in the United Kingdom.

Shown opposite is the front page from a certificate. This shows the Location where the Window or Door is fitted. What is actually being installed.

The type of glazing, type of Frame and any warm edge insulation.. The actual result of the calculation is displayed on subsequent pages of the Certificate.

u-value certificate for wooden window

No Membership Required. Suitable for all makes of product

Each u-value certificate costs £35.  Remember you do not need to be a member of our site to use this calculator, you do not need to download anything and you do not need to use elements from any one specific supplier.

We offer discounts where several calculations are required.

This service is available for use to anyone, using any type of frame or make of glass for their windows or doors.