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U-Value Calculator for Windows and Doors

Our U-Value calculator is a whole window calculator designed to calculate an accurate U-Value of windows and doors. This calculated value conforms to European Standard EN ISO 10077.

This standard applies in Scotland and England. Our calculator is primarily intended for use with wooden windows and doors. These can be made from hardwood or softwood, of any size with double or triple glazing. If you can provide us with the u-value of any other type of frame you are using we can provide a u-value for that too. Our u-value calculator is not restricted to products manufactured by one company.

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Why you require u-values

From 1st October 2010, window manufacturers needed to show that their windows complied with the energy efficiency requirements in the latest revision of Part L of the Building Regulations and the Approved Documents L1A (new dwellings) and L1B (existing dwellings).

Obtaining a precise U-value for a manufactured window can be extremely expensive especially for smaller manufacturers or architects with bespoke designs. U Value Calculator is able to calculate the u value for timber framed windows and doors at a very reasonable cost.

Architects and specifiers are now increasingly asking for the thermal transmittance values of windows, so that they can calculate the SAP ratings of the buildings where the windows are to be fitted. Clients require that value for completion certificates.

If you cannot provide U-values for your products, then they may have to use the windows of a competitor who does have that information to hand.

How our U-value calculator works

You supply us with the relevant information regarding the window/door. We will then calculate the U Value of your product using our specialist software and send you a certificate which specifies the U Value of your product. This certificate can be used as formal support when you supply U-value information to potential customers or Building Control.

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